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According to the clear definitions of the International Olive Oil Council and the Turkish Food Codex, the highest quality edible olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a type of oil that is suitable for direct consumption, sensory impeccable and has free fatty acidity, oleic acid, with a maximum of 0.8 g per 100 g.

An unchanged thermal effect of the natural properties of the olive tree fruit refers to oils containing variables, chemical and sensory properties in their class, obtained only by applying mechanical or physical processes such as washing, leaching, centrifugation and filtration processes.

Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils are divided into two types: Early Harvest and Ripe-Late Harvest.

Why Early Harvest?

Early Harvest is done when olives start to turn from green to purple. This period is between September and January, depending on the region and climate. During this period yield of olives is very low. In the late harvest, 4 kg of olives yields 1 kg of oil, while in the early harvest, 8-9 kg of olives yields 1kg of oil. This period of olive oils is very valuable, as the health and gastronomic components are at their highest levels. Health components during this period; polyphenols, oleic acid, oleocanthal, tocopherols are at optimum levels. Also Gastronomically, it is the period when the aroma and flavor components are at their maximum levels.

It is a method of pressing where the temperature of the water turning around the machine during the kneading phase while pressing the olives does not exceed 27 °C. Cold pressed olive oils have the highest values in terms of nutritional value, taste, smell and aroma. The antioxidants preserved in cold-pressed olive oils causes a pleasant burning sensation in the throat or nasal passages when olive oil is tasted. Olives pressed with hot water loses it’s nutritional value, their pleasant odor disappears, and they lose antioxidants.

Olive oil pressed with hot water is not an extra virgin olive oil.

Acid ratio is an important factor that determines the quality of olive oil. The low acidity rate indicates that the olives are not damaged, that it is freshly pressed without waiting, and that the oil is of high quality.

According to international standards, the acidity of a quality olive oil should not exceed 0.8 % acidity level. As the amount of acid level in olive oil decreases, its quality increases.

Gargaron Antic City Olives and Olive Oils

The Divine and Aromatic Olive Groves and the love of the Gods collide to bring us Golden olive oil – "Kalliope"

Where Olive trees in glorious greens are nestled within the magnificent vista of the Ida Mountains, a place where love blossomed between Aphrodite and Hermes, Helena and Paris. Names that are synonymous with romance but also the origin of the finest Olives.

Grown at the highest oxygen levels in the world among the heady scent of thyme and oregano.

As the modern and ancient worlds entwine. Between waves and gravel, lies Gargaron, where Succumbed Hera and Zeus while enjoying their breakfast, to the sensory magic of these wondrous mountains which bring us Golden Olive Oil – Kalliope  100% Cold pressed to retain superior taste and quality.

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Aegean Recipes

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Do not fill the zucchini flowers too much with the filling you have prepared, so that they do not tear.

Grilled Sea Bream Recipe

Heat the olive oil gently in a pan with the garlic and chili until the garlic is soft.

Grilled Sea Bream Recipe

Heat the olive oil gently in a pan with the garlic and chili until the garlic is soft.

Interview: Neyran the Farmer

Murat: Tell us about how you started to grow olive trees farming?

Neyran: Well, first of all I’ve never been worked in a farm before. However, olive farming was my dream. I always love to be next to olive trees, touch them, smell them and spend hours under their shades. I always feel that I relate to mother of earth when I am surrounded with olive trees. It gives me holistic feeling.

Murat : What was your profession before farming?

Neyran: My profession is Hotel Management. I studied Hotel Management and in the last thirty-five years I worked different part of the world at international hotels managements. I was the first female General Manager in the Gulf. Opened five international hotels from Bahrain to Russia, Türkiye and still I am working in Bahrain and managing my farm in Turkey.

Murat: How did you start Olive Farming?

Neyran: I was born in Canakkale and grown up with Troian mythologic histories.

I feel always I am belonging to North Aegean Region. In 2017, I bought an ancient Greek stone house from a small mountain village at Gargaron Antic City area which is famous about olive farming. This village is at the Ida Mountains which is facing Aegean Sea and Lesvos Island. Best climate for the Olive Trees. They love to be on the hills and needs the salt of the see at their air to give the best aromas. In 2021, I bought my Olive farm and start studying Olive Oil farming. In the meantime, I take advises of the local farmers and implement most ecological technics which I learned from my studies. From marketing, harvest to bottling each step has excited me. I wanted to be part of all the process. End of 2022 we started to produce our first Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Murat : What kind of product you are producing for your customers?

Neyran: We started with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It will continue with the variety of olives, olive oil soaps, liquid white soaps, herbal oils, dairy products of local farmers, cultural heritage products from the region.

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